dz2 (dz squared)

Posted on December 29, 2012

dz2 Records (dz squared)

At Ritual Echo, we don’t take too much stock in genre.  Yes, it does help a little, and we use it in a very broad sense.  Galahad and Dec Burke can both be described as ‘prog’, but these artists all have a very different sound.  Do we like ‘prog’?  Yes.  Do we like all ‘prog’?  Of course not, it’s too varied.  Oftentimes, genre simply gets in the way.  Are we not supposed to like music by artists as diverse as Metallica and Bach, Robbie Williams and Miles Davis simply because they are not ‘prog’ or ‘psych’ or ‘folk’?  Just have a look at how many genres are available to choose from when uploading music to SoundCloud!  We believe there are really only two types of music: music you like, and music you don’t like.

The dz2 imprint will release music falling into two categories; dz2-D for artists based in Scotland/Dundee and dz2-G for ‘acoustic guitar’ based music.

Two releases in the pipeline are works by Dundee’s SunHotStone and Keith Murray, a young classical/fingerstyle guitarist from Arbroath.  Check them out now.

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