Dec Burke (rerLP002) – “…as good a prog work as you’ll hear all year”

Posted on January 1, 2012

Dec Burke - Paradigms & Storylines - Inner (Swans)

You have to admire Dec Burke’s single minded pursuit of his visions.  In the admired Darwin’s Radio he oversaw the release of an excellent second album that comprised of a mere three songs.  For his own solo mission, following the failure of DR to capitalise on their forward momentum, he unleashed an even more solid set of tunes with last year’s “Destroy All Monsters” that would surely have made more of an impact had it not been somewhat derailed by a curious mix.  However, Burke’s talent for an infectious melody aligned with a dextrous flash of musicianship was there for all to hear, as it is again on “Paradigms & Storylines“.  This time however, the sound mix has been nailed.  So instead of sounding like you were hearing them underwater, the explosive opening trio of “Days Like These“, “March of the Androids“, and “A Price for Life” are razor sharp, mixing a modern techno edge to a harmonious classic rock sound.  Yet if it’s the modern slant that opens the album, Burke opts for no holds barred bombast with an epic closing triptych of “Yesterday’s Fool“, the emotive “December Sun” and the three-part title track.  It’s as good a prog work as you’ll hear all year.

Jerry Ewing (Editor)

Classic Rock Presents Prog, Issue 21, November 2011