Beau (rerLP003) – “… Beau is back, as good as ever …”

Posted on January 1, 2012

Beau 12-String

The Way It Was”, the brand new studio recording by Beau, marks the famous folk troubadour’s return to the music scene after what seems like an eternity.  There was the recent expanded version of his classic “Creation”, this time aptly named “Creation Recreated”, but who could imagine this would spawn a full-fledged return by Beau, both in the studio and live!

This time round, Beau has decided to release his album with Ritual Echo Records, a brand new record company specialising in vinyl releases.  “The Way It Was” sounds really wonderful and the LP comes fully equipped with lyrics and background information on Beau.

This time Beau decided upon the simplest of folk approaches – just him and his acoustic guitar.  His trusty 12-string guitar has helped him create a collection of wonderful musical backgrounds, which make the perfect setting for Beau’s storylines, which are compelling and often heart-wrenching.  One would think that just the voice and one guitar wouldn’t be enough for any dramatic broadness and manoeuvring space, but Beau makes the best of his skills and the instrument’s full range of colour.  His voice is also able to adapt to every situation and storyline, so that we are able to get sucked into his tales.

The lyrical themes deal with love, psychological distress, literature, politics, religion and much more.  Beau acquits himself as quite the troubadour, with the lyrics being full of clever word play and stories, and him singing all the songs with conviction and a voice which is ble to adapt as the themes change.

Beau takes you back to the golden era of folk music, the 1960s and 1970s, which I guess is what the title hints at.  His beautiful and rich 12-string guitar strumming is given meaning with Beau’s poignant lyrics on subjects we can all relate to, as so much of the best folk music is able to do.

The Way It Was” is both a monument to times gone by and also a statement of intent.  Beau has been able to create an album that sounds like a 60s or 70s album, but it doesn’t sound like an album done by someone stuck in the 60s and 70s.  Quite the opposite.  “The Way It Was” might as well be called “The Way It Will Be” because Beau is back, as good as ever and hopefully here to stay!

Review – The Rocktologist (webzine)