Galahad – Beyond the Realms of Euphoria – rerLP009

Limited edition red vinyl LP (33rpm) plus an orange vinyl 12″ EP (45rpm, >30 minutes) pressed on 180g vinyl and housed in a gatefold sleeve.  Initial copies come with a sticker and CD version of the album housed in a clear plastic wallet.

Roy Keyworth – Guitars
Stuart Nicholson – Vocals
Dean Baker – Keyboards
Spencer Luckman – Drums
Neil Pepper – Bass, Guitars, Keyboards
Plus: Mark Andrews – Additional keyboards on Richelieu’s Prayer

Red LP
Side 1:
Salvation I – Overture
Salvation II – Judgement Day?
Guardian Angel

Side 2:
Secret Kingdoms…
… And Secret Worlds
Guardian Angel (Reprise)

Orange 12″ EP
Side A:
All in the Name of Progress
Richelieu’s Prayer 2012

Side B:
Sleepers 2012

All songs conceived, written and arranged by Galahad
Produced by Galahad and Karl Groom
Words by Stu
Recorded, engineered, mixed and mastered by Karl Groom at Thin Ice Studios, Surrey, England
Design and Art Direction by Paul Tippett for Vitamin P
Cover Illustration by Emma Grzonkowski


Head South by Weaving & Alison O’Donnell

The Execution of Frederick Baker

Available on Ritual Echo Records as a limited edition 180g vinyl LP and a CD housed in an 8-panel digifile with full album lyrics and different artwork by Arild Torvund Olsen and includes the promotional video for “Fleeing Limbus“.

Click here for the promo video for “Fleeing Limbus.

Alison O’Donnell is best know as the vocalist from cult folk-rock band Mellow Candle whose “Swaddling Songs” album is now viewed as a classic of the genre.

Graeme Lockett (HSBW) learned his chops whilst supporting bands such as The Levellers and Mega City 4.

Alison O’Donnell – Vocals
Graeme Lockett (HSBW) – Guitars and Programming

Tony Swettenham – Flute Organ, Mellotron
Jonathan Banks – Drums
Bryan O’Connell – Drums

Side A:
Fail In Flight
The Execution of Frederick Baker
Act of Contrition
Fleeing Limbus

Side B:
Bird in a Cage
The Stonemason’s Daughter
Prying Eyes
Hedge End Day

Alison and Bryan recorded in Dublin by Geoffrey Perrin
Tony recorded in Luton.
Jonathan recorded at Factory Road Studios, Eastleigh.
Everything else recorded at The Kilter Rooms, Hampshire.

Mixed by Graeme at The Kilter Rooms, Hampshire.
Mastered by Fran Ashcroft @ Happy Beat Studios.

Sleeve art and design by Arild Torvund Olsen.

Kompendium - Beneath The Waves

Kompendium – “Beneath the Waves” – rerLP008

Put your headphones on.  Turn out the lights.  We’re winding back the clock …

Remember when major record labels had big bucks to spend on creating aural masterpieces?  When commercial musicians were given creative freedom and their work was released on sleek vinyl encased in gatefold sleeves?  Those years may be a fond memory but Magenta’s keyboard player Rob Reed has wound back the clock to produce a breathtaking concept album; Kompendium‘s Beneath The Waves.  When Rob contacted Ritual Echo Records about releasing the album on vinyl … well, what else could we say.

Promotional video for Kompendium‘s Beneath The Waves.

Beneath The Waves features a guest list of Prog Rock’s most respected musicians including Steve Hackett, Gavin Harrison, and Mel Collins.  The album is a dark Celtic fairytale set in Ireland at the turn of the 20th century and is about a man whose wife commits suicide, only for them to be reunited in death.  Steve Balsamo, recently with Jon Lord’s band, takes on lead vocals.

Limited edition 2LP set, available in both black (200 copies, £21.95) and transparent blue (300 copies, SOLD OUT) 180g audiophile vinyl.  The album is housed in a laminated gatefold sleeve with full colour inners, bringing Geoff Taylor‘s specially commissioned artwork to life.

Track List

Mercy Of The Sea
The Storm
Beneath The Waves
Sole Survivor
Il Tempo È Giunto
A Moment Of Clarity
One Small Step

For more information, click to go to the Kompendium web site.

Kompendium – Guest Artists …

The supergroup to beat all supergroups …

With a guest list including Steve Hackett, members of Porcupine Tree and King Crimson, BJ Cole, opera singers, chamber choirs, the London Session Orchestra and a man who used to be Jesus, the Kompendium project put together by Magenta’s Rob Reed is the supergroup to beat all supergroups.

How many can you name (without looking at the bottom of this post)?


Steve Hackett (Nylon Guitar): “I really enjoyed playing on ‘Lilly’ as it’s such a pretty song; my part was almost harp-like so it had to be played as softly as possible.  I think you have to be prepared to tear up the rule book from time to time and that’s exactly what Rob’s done with Kompendium.”

Gavin Harrison (Percussion): “I had no idea Kompendium would end up as big as it has!  I only get involved with music I like and this sounds amazing; it’s a big candidate for a stage show.  It’s got a great vocal line and I really hope listeners see it as the prog epic it has become.”

The guest list:

Steve Hackett, Francis Dunnery, Gavin Harrison (Porcupine Tree), Mel Collins (King Crimson, Camel), Nick Beggs (Steve Wilson, Steve Hackett), Jakko Jakszyk (20th Century Schizoid Band), Troy Donockley (Nightwish), Neil Taylor (Robbie Williams), Nick Barrett (Pendragon), John Mitchell (It Bites, Frost*), BJ Cole (Elton John, Dave Gilmour), Steve Balsamo (Jon Lord, Eric Wolfson), Synergy Vocals (Steve Wilson, Steve Reich), The London Session Orchestra arranged by Dave Stewart, The English Chamber Choir conducted by Guy Protheroe.

For more information, click to go to the Kompendium web site.